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Thin Green Traces

Play the first movement, Arcs and Arches, from
Thin Green Traces.

Play the second movement, Apex, from
Thin Green Traces.

Play the third movement, Funeral March, from Thin Green Traces.

Play the fourth movement, Flying Apart, from Thin Green Traces.

Play the fifth movement, Air: Fading Away, from Thin Green Traces.

These recordings are from a live performance by Ertan Torgul, violin and Carolyn True, piano.

Composer: David Heuser
Instrumentation: Violin and Piano
Year Composed: 2006
Duration: 25 minutes
Pages (score): 51
Cost: Purchase: $20.00

I. Arcs and Arches
II. Apex
III. Funeral March
IV. Flying Apart
V. Air: Fading Away


Performance by the SOLI Chamber Ensemble's Ertan Torgul (violin) and Carolyn True (piano), reviewed in the San Antonio Express-News by Mike Greenburg (December 2007).

This concert was named to the San Antonio Express-News' Top Ten Classical Events of 2007.

"David Heuser’s Thin Green Traces for violin and piano, in its world premiere, may be the strongest work yet from the composer based at the University of Texas at San Antonio. It is tautly disciplined and lean, each of its five movements expanding in an inevitable way from a germinal idea. But Thin Green Traces is no cool abstraction. Its formal qualities help focus darkly expressive music that seems to grow from personal necessity. "

Program Notes:

Our lives are like thin green traces across the sky.

I. Arcs and Arches – At the beginning, our lives stretch out in front of us seemingly without end, without limits, when all is potential.

II. Apex – The apex comes not with a bang, but with a whimper.

III. Funeral March – Funerals are not for the dead, but for the living to morn and rage.

IV. Flying Apart – With time, contrails dissipate, as do we as much as we fight to hold ourselves together.

V. Air: Fading Away – All things end.

Thin Green Traces was written for Soli Chamber Ensemble members violinist Ertan Torgul and pianist Carolyn True.

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