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Elegy, September 11

Play Elegy, September 11,
as performed live by the
St. Cloud State Philharmonic Orchestra,
Pablo Mahave-Veglia, conductor.












Composer: David Heuser
Instrumentation: String Orchestra
Year Composed: 2001
Duration: 7 minutes
Pages (score): 11

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  • Purchase: $75.00

Representative Performances:
  • Camerata de Coahuila, Eugene Dowdy, guest conductor, Torreó, Mexico (June 2006)
  • Texas Music Educators Region VI High School Orchestra, Odessa, Texas (2006) and XIV High School Orchestra, Laredo, Texas (2003), Eugene Dowdy, conductor
  • Riverview High School, Riverview, Florida (2004)
  • St. Cloud State Philharmonic Orchestra, Pablo Mahave-Veglia, conductor (November 2002)
  • University of Texas at San Antonio Orchestra, Eugene Dowdy, conductor (November 2001)

Program Notes:

After the events of September 11, I was unable to continue working on the piece that I was writing; suddenly, like so many things for so many people, it was incongruent to where my mind and heart were at. In many ways, writing this elegy was a selfish act, an act of personal catharsis. (And I am hardly alone - artists everywhere are doing this.) In the end, the hope is always that the work will help others, too, in some small way.

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