Non Sequitur Music

In The Elegy Season

Composer: Lesley Sommer
Instrumentation: Flute Trio
Year Composed: 1991
Duration: 6 minutes (2 movements)
Cost: Purchase: $45.00

I. Prelude
II. Perpetual Motion

Program Notes:

This piece is written for three flutes, and occurs in two movements: Prelude and Perpetual Motion. The Prelude is basically just melody and accompaniment, and was my attempt to write an extremely uncomplicated section of music without becoming trite or banal. In the second movement, I took one melodic line and divided it between the three players. This line begins and ends with a chromatic, serpentine motion based on half-steps, but appears in an arpeggiated form near the middle of the movement.

The title of the work is also the title of a poem by Richard Wilbur, and for me refers both to autumn and the end of childhood.

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