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Four Pieces for Mixed Quintet

Composer: Bruce Hamilton
Instrumentation: flute, bassoon, violin, double bass, electric piano
Year Composed: 2015
Duration: 18 minutes
Cost: Purchase: $60.00 digital files; $100.00 packaged

I streets
II fresco
III chaconne
IV graffiti/murmur/drift

This piece can be found on the CD Lanes

Program Notes:

As time passes I find myself more interested in unpredictable forms. Ideally I want my pieces to be journeys to get lost in, with strange surprises and a kind of magical logic tying things together into a satisfying whole. Composing Four Pieces was a balancing dance around a few solid themes, a few basic motives, and a few abstract ideas. streets plays with shifting textures and tonal centers. fresco is an exploration of sonority and timbre. chaconne is a simple variations conceived on the electric piano. The last movement is a triptych of contrasting panels: a feisty chase; a mechanical meditation; and a roadside reverie. Four Pieces was composed for the Bellingham Chamber Music Society and premiered at MakeShift art space in Bellingham.

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