Non Sequitur Music

The Incubus

Composer: Lesley Sommer
Instrumentation: Trombone Quartet
Year Composed: 1991
Duration: 8 minutes
Note: This work is in calligraphic rather than computer notation.
Cost: Purchase: $50.00

Program Notes:

The Incubus, for three tenor trombones and bass trombone, is a large-scale A-B-A form. Both A sections feature fast, driving rhythms, while the contrasting B section is plangent, ponderous and melodic. More specifically, the first A section involves glissandi and high, virtuosic playing, while A is more concerned with the dichotomy between a repetitive, slowly changing rhythmic figure and short, sharp, interruptive blasts of sound.

Inspiration for the title of this piece came from the novel Dead Sea and Jordan by W.F. Lynch, which contains the memorable line, "During the night I suffered dreadfully from the nightmare, and the incubus was a camel!"

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