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Raptures of Undream

Play an excerpt from Raptures of Undream as recorded by the University of Houston Percussion Ensemble.



Composer: Bruce Hamilton
Instrumentation: Percussion Sextet
Year Composed: 1998
Duration: 7 minutes
Cost: Purchase: $35.00 digital files; $45.00 packaged

Program Notes:

Raptures of Undream was written for the Indiana University Percussion Ensemble, Wilber T. England, director. The piece is scored for six players, armed each with a drum (floor tom) and a cymbal. Overall, the work is divided into four sections delineated by tempo. Rhythmic (and melodic) motives are presented and developed through a series of divergent textures and rhythmic guises. As in other works by the composer, a prominent theme is the contrast between contrapuntal, pointillistic sections and passages of unison rhythm. Essential to the piece is the sense of "groove" (i.e., flavored pulse) which serves as the underpinning to the sometimes wild (and rapturous) rhythmic excursions.

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