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Play roundabout, the first movement of Recurrences, as performed by Rebecca Kite.



Composer: Bruce Hamilton
Instrumentation: marimba
Year Composed: 1999
Duration: 15 minutes (three movements)
Cost: Purchase: $10.00 digital file; $15.00 packaged

Program Notes:

Recurrences, a three movement work for solo marimba, was written for percussionist Rebecca Kite in 1999. The first movement, roundabout, is cast in a rondo-like structure, with a texture of almost constant running notes. Hearing this movement is like sprinting two or three times around a city block: each time, the streets remain essentially the same, but many smaller details change. The second movement, nightcap, is a somewhat whimsical intermezzo with overtones of funk. It is also a study in periodicity, with chaconne-like recurring patterns and a polyrhythmic "tempo war" in the middle section. The third movement, flips on the horizon, begins with a sharp conflict between materials. These themes gradually fuse as the music spins out into a series of contrasting sections, leading finally to a furious climax and a subdued coda that recalls the opening of the first movement in its final measures. Recurrences was underwritten by the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation, and is dedicated to the intrepid Rebecca Kite.

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