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(Another) Three Movements for Saxophone Quartet

Play the first movement, How It Begins.

Play the second movement, A Sweet Song.

Play the third movement, Bits and Pieces from the Recycling Bin.
These recordings are from a live performance by
the ELISION Saxophone Quartet







Composer: David Heuser
Instrumentation: saxophone quartet (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophone)
Year Composed: 2008
Duration: 18 minutes
Pages (score): 35

Purchase: $35.00

I. How it Begins
II. A Sweet Song
III. Bits and Pieces from the Recycling Bin

Program Notes:

(Another) Three Movements for Saxophone Quartet was co-commissioned by the following saxophone quartets, and I am exceedingly grateful for their support and their willingness to venture into an unknown work. Funding was provided by a generous grant from the Artist Foundation of San Antonio.

  • The Ancia Quartet
  • The Atlas Saxophone Quartet
  • The Baylor University Quartet
  • The CASE Saxophone Quartet
  • The Cosima Saxophone Quartet
  • The Elision Saxophone Quartet
  • The Eric Nestler Quartet
  • the quux quartet
  • The Texas Tech University Quartet
  • The West Point Saxophone Quartet
  • The Wright State University Saxophone Quartet

The saxophone lives comfortably in both the classical and jazz world, and the piece plays with this duality. The first movement begins with a riff on a traditional blues progression, but goes on in some quite different directions. The second movement, A Sweet Song, is my take on a slow jazz waltz. The final movement, Bits and Pieces from the Recycling Bin, is exactly that. There is a laconic jazzy tune that runs throughout the movement, but it is continuously interrupted by the rejected scraps and drafts for this piece that littered my piano. I guess that makes this a “green” composition.

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