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String Quartet No. 2: "The Revenant"

Composer: Lesley Sommer
Instrumentation: string quartet (2 violins, viola, cello)
Year Composed: 2000
Duration: 25 minutes (4 movements)
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Program Notes:

String Quartet #2: "The Revenant"

A revenant is a ghost, especially one who has returned to earth for some specific purpose. This quartet contains many musical ghosts. Listen for the ghosts of Bartok (I) and Stravinsky (III); as well as ghostly allusions to various musical styles throughout (a tango and a waltz in I; 16th century counterpoint in II; and a drinking song and lullaby in IV). Each movement of the quartet (with the exception of the Fantasia) is cast in an old fashioned musical form, as the titles indicate.

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