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Taxi of Midnight

Movement I. fluid, flowing, falling

Movement II. of brine and mists and veils of midnight stars

Movement III. on currents of strangeness

From the premiere live performance of Taxi of Midnight by the AURA Contemporary Music Ensemble, Rob Smith, director.



Composer: David Heuser
Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion
Year Composed: 2015
Duration: 15 minutes
Pages (score): 65

Cost: Purchase: $50.00

I. fluid, flowing, falling
II. of brine and mists and veils of midnight stars
III. on currents of strangeness

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Program Notes:

Taxi of Midnight, was composed for AURA (the Moores School of Music Contemporary Ensemble), Rob Smith, director. The piece is inspired by the poem The Taxi of Midnight by Olga Cabral, whose poems I have set in a number of songs and choral works over the last 15 years; the three movement titles are all drawn from the poem. Cabral composed the poem after seeing Salvador Dali's surrealist assemblage, The Rainy Taxi. The music draws on the imagery of darkness, speed, and water, and speaks also of dark and uncertain journeys, both real and metaphorical, in my own life.

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