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Faye's Aria

("I knew coming back here was a mistake")
from the opera A Brief History of Root Vegetables

Hear Faye's Aria as performed in the opera version by Brandy Santee and Jacob Valadez, with the UTSA Orchestra, Eugene Dowdy, conductor

































Composer/Librettist: David Heuser
Instrumentation:soprano, piano (Note: the pianist sings or a baritone is also needed)
Year Composed: 2011
Duration: 5 minutes
Pages, piano score: 9
Cost: $3.00

Program Note:
A Brief History of Root Vegetables was premiered in March 2010 by the University of Texas at San Antonio Lyric Theatre. Faye's Aria is sung with the help of Faye's clinging ex-husband Talbot Blagh. The text is below.

Fayeís Aria

ShhhÖ.keep it down.
Youíre turning the pages too loudly.

I knew coming back here was a mistake.
Itís the same old sssstuff.
Well, Iíve had enough
of this family, of this house, of this week,
especially my brother, the little control freak.

Oh, heís so perfect,
with his perfect little life,
with his perfect little wife,
and a career,
and those kids, his perfectly annoying little flock.
Iím older than him Ė
why donít I have any chips from my block?

TALBOT: You have Travis, our son.

FAYE: Oh right, Travis. Where is he, anyway?

TALBOT: Well, Iím not sureÖ

FAYE: Thatís not the point.

The point is everywhere I go here they eye me,
ďThe goes Faye, the divorcee,
the big failure of the family.Ē
Well, Iím not gonna take it lying down.
I can turn my life around.
I can improve. I donít need anybody.
I can do it on my own.

TALBOT: You have me.

FAYE: Great.
Itís not too late. Iím not too old.

TALBOT: Youíre only forty-eight.

FAYE: Iím forty-nine, you moron.
Youíve got brains like mold.

(spoken) Oh, whatís the use?

I knew coming back here was a mistake.
The only good thing to be said
is that my mother, the witch, is finally dead,
may she rest in vermouth, deeply stewed,
while I suffer through life with this insufferable brood.

(spoken) Oh, just get me another drink.

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