Non Sequitur Music

The Ground Beneath Our Feet

Composer: David Heuser
Instrumentation: concert band
Year Composed: 2017
Duration: 4 minutes
Pages (score): 17


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Program Notes:

The Ground Beneath Our Feet was commissioned by Susan Leffler, in memory of Mr. William Leffler, and the Scarsdale Middle School for the Scarsdale Middle School Eighth Grade Concert Band, Nicholas Lieto director, Michael McDermott, Principal. Midwife credit for the commission goes graciously to Rob Smith and the Houston rain-gods. The piece is roughly a wedge, growing from a quiet opening, featuring the percussion, to a rousing finish. The piece is also in 5/8, a two-beat meter in which the first beat is longer than the second beat. This characteristic suggested a sense of unevenness or imbalance which gave rise to the title; even the seemingly stable ground beneath our feet is always in motion.

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