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"Mine" Trio

from the opera A Brief History of Root Vegetables

Hear the Mine Trio which ends the first act of the opera as performed by UT-San Antonio faculty Linda Poetschke, Gary Mabry and Susan Olson.
























Composer/Librettist: David Heuser
Instrumentation:2 sopranos, baritone, piano
Year Composed: 2011
Duration: 4 minutes
Pages, piano score: 6
Cost: $3.00

Program Note:
A Brief History of Root Vegetables was premiered in March 2010 by the University of Texas at San Antonio Lyric Theatre. The ďMineĒ Trio occurs at the end of Act I. Three characters, Pembroke Jr., his wife Trophy, and their daughter-in-law Elaina, all have discovered that there may be a priceless ruby hidden in Pembrokeís (recently deceased) motherís house, a discovery made when her diary was discovered, first by Pembroke (who told his somewhat distracted wife about it) and then separately by Elaina. The text is below.

"Mine" Trio

ELAINA: I must have that ruby.
PEMBROKE JR.: I must have that jewel.
TROPHY: I must have my hypoallergenic rouge,
which the aliens have abducted.

ELAINA: Oh, what I would do.
PEMBROKE JR.: Oh, what I would do.
TROPHY: Oh, is this what aliens do to keep their pores unobstructed?

ELAINA/PEMBROKE: Itís been so hard, these last few months.
TROPHY: And thereís all the money that you took.
ELAINA/PEMBROKE: Itís been so hard, but now thereís hope.
ALL THREE: All we have to do is look.

I/We must find that ruby
I/We must find that precious stone.
it must be my/our well kept secret -
to the others it must remain unknown.

Money means freedom!
ELAINA: Freedom from ever going without again.
ALL THREE: Money means freedom!
PEMBROKE JR.: Freedom from jail.
TROPHY: Freedom from nasty, thieving, little green men.

ALL THREE: Oh, what I/we would do,
oh, with such a rock.
Itís been so hard, but now thereís hope
in a small red jewelry box.

I will find the box. I will find the key.
That ruby must belong to me!

Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!

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